5 Things You Should Know About Repeat Burglaries

5 Things You Should Know About Repeat Burglaries

Nothing can be more disturbing to a home or business owner than a burglary; except when it happens on repeat occasions. Burglars can steal from a property repeatedly when they know the loopholes that allow them to do so. If your property has been burglarized repeatedly, it’s likely that the burglars know a few more things about your property than you do.

1) They know how to get in and back out without raising suspicion.

If there has been a previous burglary attempt at your Austin, TX property, then it’s possible that the intruder knows the loophole that allows such access. Often referred to as an open-door policy, it simply means that an intruder can gain access to your home or business at any time they like. Identifying the security loophole closes that door and helps you secure your property against future incidents. 

2) They know your property layout.

Thieves who return to the scene of the crime on multiple occasions know the layout and details of the home or business they burglarize. This gives them the ability to raise little if any, suspicion as they carry out their mission. Be sure to review your property for any areas of weakness that the burglars are exploiting.

3) They know where you keep the goods.

If someone targets your Austin, TX home or business for a burglary, they know what they are looking for once they get there. Knowing where valuables are kept makes their job much easier; getting in and getting the goods becomes quick and efficient work. Reduce the theft of valuables by keeping them in places where no intruders would think to look.

4) They can come back for replacement items.

Most homes have televisions sets and other important items that assist with daily functioning. If your TV is stolen, you’ll likely replace it quickly. Burglars are aware of this and will already be planning when to come grab the replacement item. Plus, they already know where it will be placed. Outsmart the thief by changing the locations of important items that might be targeted.

5) They know what kind of security system you use.

If someone can get past your security system just once, they’ll be able to do it on multiple occasions. Protecting yourself and your property means having only the highest quality security system that cannot be manipulated by intruders. And having no security system at all is even worse, as intruders will continue to target any property that is thoroughly unprotected.

Get Protected

Protecting your Austin, TX home or business against burglars should be a top priority. Especially if you’ve already experienced one or more incidents. Nothing can compare with the safety that a security camera can provide. Working with a security company that can provide the right solutions is the first step toward protecting yourself from ever getting burglarized again. Contact Net Security Solutions for more information on closing the loopholes today.

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