How To Implement Workplace Surveillance Policies That Won't Alarm Employees

How To Implement Workplace Surveillance Policies That Won't Alarm Employees

If you’re a business owner in Austin, TX considering adding surveillance policies to your workplace, one of the things that you may be struggling to come to grips with is how to tell your employees. If you fail to inform them the right way, the policy could prove to be controversial and cause a backlash. Employees expect trust and a certain degree of privacy in the workplace.

However, fear of angering your employees should not be the reason that prevents you from installing a workplace surveillance system. Workplace surveillance can make employees much more productive and can do wonders for your business in the Austin area. Business owners who install these systems typically end up satisfied. Consider these tips to help you implement workplace surveillance policies that won’t alarm your employees.

Come Up With A Plan Of Action

If you are going to institute a surveillance program in the workplace, it’s best to first come up with a plan of action of how you are going to inform your employees. It could be beneficial for you to begin by asking yourself a few questions to help map the best course of action to take:

  • Is my workplace productivity suffering? Do I have a reasonable need to monitor my employees?
  • Based on current company policies, do the employees expect privacy? Am I going to have to rewrite company bylaws before installing the surveillance system?
  • Will the surveillance system adhere to federal, state, and local workplace regulations?

After this, you can carve out the way in which you should inform your employees. More than anything, it’s crucial that you are open and honest with your employees. If employees feel as though you are sneaking around behind their back or are not being truthful with them, they will likely be hurt. It could even drive some of your employees to quit. It’s better to be honest about any forthcoming changes to the company.

Seek Input From The Team

We often find that when a business owner involves its other upper-level management in the decision, it’s much easier to institute the new surveillance policy. Similarly, employees should be able to contact you with any concerns. Many employees worry about surveillance systems because they fear how their role with the company might change. You should make efforts to invite employees to have a conversation. This helps employees feel valued and desired, which could, therefore, make it easier to implement a workplace security policy.

Let NSS Help With Your Workplace Surveillance Needs

If you’re a business owner in the state of TX, be sure to contact NSS today for all of your workplace surveillance needs. We will work with you to come up with a comprehensive solution that not only keeps your business safe but also keeps your employees productive as well.

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