Cameras Can Bring Out The Best In Employees

Cameras Can Bring Out The Best In Employees

Your workplace in Austin, TX may have security cameras in it. Those cameras are there for the obvious reasons, such as trying to lower the possibility of criminal activity, which is one proven benefit of cameras. But another thing that you may not be aware of is that the presence of cameras can also improve your workplace and even the behavior of your employees. But why would a camera do more than just keep criminals from hurting your business here in Austin, TX? It’s really all about peer pressure and risk assessment.

Better Behavior

One thing that cameras in a workplace can do is encourage better behavior. A camera is, after all, recording everything. Employees now know that no matter how they behaved during the course of a workday, if they acted out in view of a camera, management can potentially know about it simply by reviewing footage. This makes questionable behavior much less likely to be acted upon.

A perfect example of how this works in action is the use of body-cams among law enforcement officers. Statistics now show that police officers that wear body cams are far less likely to use unnecessary force to resolve incidents, versus unrecorded officers.

Theft Prevention

In a perfect world, the employees we hire not only work hard but adhere to a strong foundation of professional ethics. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world and sometimes, either through greed, or even spite, the people hired may resort to theft. In fact, employee theft is a major source of loss for a variety of businesses in America. When people understand a workplace well, and they know where the things of value are located, they may sometimes give in to temptation, especially if they think they can get away with it.

Security cameras, placed in key areas, such as cash registers for retail outlets, or storerooms, in other businesses where things of value are put away, make a big difference. There’s no mistaking an employee stealing something when it’s caught on camera, so surveillance is a huge deterrent.

Learning & Rewarding Good Behavior

On the other side of the equation, however, cameras can also be a valuable way to learn what your employees are doing right and, perhaps more importantly, reward them for it. In education, positive reinforcement, such as rewards, tends to make a more lasting impression on behavior modification than negative reinforcement, such as punishment.

By using cameras, managers and employers have a better opportunity to see what is working in employment practices. When good traits or effective employee tactics are found, not only can the camera footage be used as a learning tool for others, it can be the evidence required to reward good employee behavior, which goes a long way towards maintaining that behavior and encouraging others to take it up.

Start Improving Today

If you want your business in Austin, TX to improve the quality of employee behavior, contact us. We can give you the solution you need to start seeing results at your place of business.

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