Why Do I Need An Access Control System?

Why Do I Need An Access Control System?

Access control systems allow all Austin, TX business owners the peace of mind that only authorized individuals are making their way into approved business grounds. The safety that these systems provide extend not just to business owners, but employees and all authorized personnel. Access control systems can consist of many different things, and it all depends on the security you need for your own specific situation.

Access control systems can be custom tailored to fit any style of Austin, TX building or need. A few different types of options of access control systems consist of:

Single door

If your business consists of a single door or all authorized personnel can have access too different spaces within the business, a single door system may be your best bet. This works well with small businesses or gyms, and all who have the PIN, key, or registered fingerprint may enter the building and gain access to the inside.

Networked systems

For larger businesses or those with various sensitive areas, a larger networked system is necessary. These networked systems allow authorization for certain individuals in certain areas but keep other areas private with access only given to those necessary. This is also the best option for business networks with multiple buildings, as employees can be given access to their particular building, or buildings, without risking security.

Free exit control systems

Access control systems aren’t only good for letting people in, but letting them out as well. A free exit control system allows those entered into an area to leave freely. With this type of system, either a door unlocks automatically when motion is detected, or a button may be pushed to unlock the door manually from the inside.

Control exit systems

With control exit systems, anyone using a code or card to get into a building will also need to use a card or code to exit. In terms of security, this can be a huge benefit in deterring those who may wish to gain unauthorized access, as they’ll need to figure out a way out of the building as well.

Choosing The Right Access Control System

Before opting for an access control system, Austin, TX business owners will first need to assess just why they want and access control system and what they want to get out of their installation. Essentially, an access control system is designed to keep unwanted or unauthorized individuals out, but levels of security and the type of security provided can be tailored to your custom needs. They may also be used to track when employees enter and exit a building, allowing business owners to know just who is in and when they’ve arrived or left.

Added Security For Every Business

Choosing the right access control system will give Austin, TX business owners every desired benefit this added level of security can bring. To learn more about access control systems, or what type of access control system is best suited to your business, contact NSS today.

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